White, wood and black in Italy


Well, well well. It's turning into a bit of a white / wood interior week. Going a little crazy today and throwing in a little black and stone into the mix with this fantastic Saint Tropez home featured in Elle Decor Italy right back in 2010 (so you may well have seen this before but forgotten about it).  Mi Casa (where I found this beautiful home via Emma Fexeus on Pinterest) gives a great insight into where the owner bought many of the items. Perfect!

Elle Decor Italy via Mi casa

Shopping news - I came across a fab online Danish shop yesterday, which you must visit....it's called Kind By Nature (not kind to the purse though!). 

And, exciting news too, I have a new sponsor - 'Art Chez Moi' - an online art gallery / shop - featuring some fab pieces of art (click through in the right hand margin to take a peek) thanks so much Art Chez Moi team!

And finally, my Facebook page is finally taking shape and I've found it's a great place to put little bits and bobs of interior inspiration, if you're on FB stop by and give me a little wave. 

Have a lovely evening!