will’s bedroom and playroom revealed


i’m so excited to show you all a project that i completed about a month ago.  this project was so much fun to work on.  my client was AMAZING!!!  she was so fun to work with and so open to new ideas.  she was also super sweet.  i miss our daily emails and conversations.  it’s so hard to end a project because i know that i won’t be talking to my clients on a daily/weekly basis.  strangely enough i usually talk to my clients more than some of my friends.  that’s just the way it is.  my clients become my friends…they know about my life and i know about theirs.  it’s the absolute coolest relationship.

anyway, onto the stuff i know you want to see.

will’s room

so here is how will’s bedroom started out…(will’s new room was moved into caroline’s old room),


this was the design concept for will’s new room,

Wills Design Board Orange Blue

and here is how it looks now…

i had LH Photography come over and take a few photos for me because i’m definitely no photographer.  here are the LH photos.

c17  c18 c11


c21 c13 c12




the playroom

next up is will’s and caroline’s playroom.  the playroom was originally will’s room and it looked like this.

DSC05670 DSC05671

it’s come a long way.  here is my original design concept.

Kids Playroom copy

and here is how the room actually turned out.

and the LH photographs.


c1 c3


c9 c7