small space


today while traveling to d.c., i finally got a chance to read this month’s house beautiful issue.  it was newell turner’s first issue as editor in chief and i must say that he did a great job on his first issue. 

i loved the living big in small spaces feature.  and i especially liked ellen o’neill’s 540 sq. ft. NYC one bedroom studio apartment.

to look at the pictures of her quaint little studio you would never guess that it is only one room total.  by creating small vignettes in various locations throughout her studio she was able to make the space feel like it has multiple rooms.

her daybed is multi-functional.  it is used as a sofa by day…

and a bed by night.

i think it’s great that even in a 450sf studio ellen has managed to create a pretty spacious home office.  i have twice as much space in my condo, and i still don’t have a home office like hers.

{all images – house beautiful}

i think i could definitely adjust to new york city living if i had this studio to live in.