the dump


i’ll be bringing you the tutorial on my diy entry table tomorrow.  today, let’s talk about the dump.


the big buzz in atlanta all last week (let me rephrase that)…the big buzz on billboards and tv ads in atlanta last week was that the dump was having their atlanta location grand opening this weekend.  luckily billy was willing to go over there with me.  i think he was pretty curious what all of the fuss was about. 

we headed over to lindberg on saturday around lunchtime.  i’m not sure whether it was the beautiful weather that brought everyone out or whether the dump really did generate that much traffic, but i swear it was like 5 o’clock rush hour while we were trying to get to that place.  it took us a while to find a parking space but we did and made it inside.  when we first walked in i was pretty excited.  i loved the gi-normous pendants that were hanging everywhere.

i guess the gi-normous chandeliers are in proportion to the complex.  i don’t know exactly how big it is but the complex itself is massive.  for those of you who haven’t been to it it’s in an old home depot building…and it takes up the whole building.

things were looking good as we started to walk along.  i saw quite a bit that i didn’t like but quite a bit that i did.  i wasn’t too impressed with the prices though.  i think i expected too much.  from the way they advertised i was thinking the prices were going to be dirt cheap.  in my opinion they weren’t even close to dirt cheap.  i think it’s probably one of those stores that’s hit or miss.  i did see a few pieces that were a good deal but they were few and far between.  there was also a mix of run-of-the-mill furniture and very cool pieces.

i wish i would have taken pictures of everything.  i mostly took pictures of things that i really liked.

the olive paint on the inside of the hutch above is so striking.

  there was a large selection of reclaimed wood pieces which i really liked.


everyone loves birds right now and i thought these canvas prints were so sweet.

most of the art on this wall wasn’t as great.

i really liked this bedding.

there was a huge rug section


yes the tag on that sofa does say $7995, and just so you can see how big that sofa really is…

i probably won’t be going back to the dump for a while, at least not until the newness wears off and the traffic dies down.