shiner + another giveaway


DSC05561a newcomer to the design industry debuted their totally fab, “eco-friendly” lighting line at the atlanta market.  i was fortunate to get to spend a lot of time looking at this new line and talking about the company with the owner since i was working at the booth across from him.  the lighting and furniture line has a very industrial feel to it.

shiner, the brainchild of joe manus, was designed entirely by joe himself.  at first glance you may not recognize the materials used in the modern lighting and furniture.  a closer look and you’ll see that a lot of the lighting is made out of cardboard and styrofoam.  shiner uses a machine that cuts all of the shapes out but instead of throwing away the wasted pieces they make smaller pendants from them.  each pendant comes in a large and small size.  this way there is minimal waste.  other lighting is made from wood veneer and drop cuts (wood that’s otherwise destined for landfills once it is cut down from larger pieces in a factory).

the furniture is made mostly out of stacked plywood and drop cuts.  the plywood furniture is turned on the cutting machine so that almost every last little bit of plywood is used.


you would not believe the amount of designers and retail shop owners that bombarded the booth during the show.  everyone was just as amazed as i was at how beautiful cardboard and styrofoam could be. 

late in the day on saturday shiner was awarded the “best in show” award, which is a huge deal, for their awesome booth.  joe not only designed the whole furniture and lighting line but he also designed the booth itself.  he was so excited that he won “best in show” at his very first show.

i think that we’ll be seeing much more of shiner in the design world after watching the buzz that surrounded them at the show.  congrats on your success shiner!



{this giveaway is now closed}

the giveaway will be one of the shiner small square pendants.  it would be perfect in a small bath, entry or even a bedroom.  its valued at $150.  the dimensions of the pendant are 13”x13”x13”.


to enter the giveaway leave a comment on this post with the words “SHINE ON.” make sure to include your name and also an email so that i can get in touch with you if you win (if you are on blogger then i can locate you through your profile).  this giveaway is only open to people in the continental US.  the giveaway will close at 12 noon on sunday, january 16th.  i’ll announce the winner the following monday, january 17th. 

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{this giveaway is now closed}