best blogger


i wasn’t feeling the best yesterday and after going to the doctor found out that i have an upper respiratory infection.  i think that might just be a fancy way of saying that i have a bad cold.  whatever the case i was feeling pretty yucky.  then…i got some great news thanks to the atlanta journal constitution.  remember this post where i asked for your votes.  well, those votes helped make this little blog the reader’s choice for best blog in atlanta.


best of

i’m so extremely flattered and excited that after 3 months of blogging i could be nominated for best blog and actually win the reader’s choice. i was also shocked when i started getting calls from my friends saying that my face was on the homepage.  my picture only stayed up on the ajc homepage for about 4 hours, but i was able to get a snip of it before they changed it.  here is what the page actually looked like.

AJC - me homepage

yep, that’s my smiling face down at the bottom of the page along with the headline “best blogger in atlanta.” how cool!

i was also in good company with the other blogs who made the top of the list: the broke socialite, high-gloss blue, you are what you eat…or reheat, the blissful glutton, running with tweezers, the coupon diva, eat it, atlanta, and braves and birds – the atlanta sports blog.

i want to thank everyone who voted for my blog.  it really means a lot to me.